In 2012, Satsuki Ohata faced a fondue phenomenon for the first time,
when he was doing as artistic act of spreading silicon on the street.
Since that encountering, he has been exploring the phenomenon through design and art and material development.

In 2018, FONDUE, Inc. was founded by Satsuki Ohata.
Fondue, Inc. is a Design/Art Studio & Materials Development Laboratory.
All works are created through fondue inspired experimentation.



2017 SaloneSatellite 20 Years of New Creativity(Curated by Beppe Finessi)

2016 Milano Salone Sattelite

2016 International Furniture Fair Shanghai (Invited)

2016 International Furniture Fair Singapore (Invited)

2015 Milano Salone Sattelite

2014 Milano Salone Sattelite


2014 PVC Design Award, Excellence Awards

2013 Kyoto Design Award, selected

2012 cane of bamboo competition, Excellence Awards by IWAMI GINZAN Silver Mine