Kyo no Iremono

Kyoto Design Award 2013,selected

The Kyo no Iremono is my proposal for an original condiment container that evokes the sound of a bell on the geta sandals worn by a maiko, or apprentice geisha. The jingling of the bell as she walks conjures up an even more sweet and playful image of the maiko passing by. The Kyo no Iremono has a bell attached. I designed this piece in the hope that, by adding the tinkle of a bell to the everyday action of shaking a condiment container, it will make cooking more fun and create a conversation piece.

I put a bell on Condiment Container.

Shake it! ting-a-ling ♪ ting-a-ling ♪

You can choose your favorite bell.

Kyo no Iremono
AWARD:Kyoto Design Award 2013,selected
CATEGORY:Condiment Container